Vehicle Unlocking La Xara

We provide a comprehensive vehicle opening service throughout Valencia and are very close to Las Bovetes, Torrecarrals, Marines, Alfatares, Tosals, Casas Albardanera, Denia, Jesus Pobre, Ondara, Huerta Parri, Miraflor, Mirarrosa, els Poblets, Setla, Casas Alfas from our base in La Xara.

Pick The Lock La Xara

Unless your lock is damages, seized or faulty, then we should be able to pick the lock for you and get you back inside the vehicle without causing any damage whatsoever.

Rake The Lock La Xara

Old style cars sometime have what is known as a double edged key. These kinds of keys can usually be raked open and they work perfectly after they have been opened.

This method we nearly always work when the lock is in good working order and the wafers inside the lock remain loose and free. You can not rake a sticky lock because this method relies on the speed that the wafer return to the original position when they have been pressed all the way down to the inmost point in the lock.

Flex The Door La Xara

This method will only be used when the lock can't be picked because it is damaged or seized. If done incorrectly this method can cause serious damage to the auto door.

Using this technique the auto locksmith with make a very small gap between the door framework and the roof to enable a long thin rod to be inserted into the vehicle to retrieve the key or to press a button which will open the window or unlock the doors.

This method can be used on most kind of cars, but should always be utilized as a last resort.

Rope The Button La Xara

If you have pull up buttons inside your auto like most fiats do, then we can usually rap a rope around the button and pull it up.

This will open the vehicle and have you back inside your vehicle in no time at all.

Cut A Key La Xara

Every so often a car lock can not be picked and there is no way to flex the door out and get a rod inside. When this happens it may become necessary to cut a key for the lock.

This can only be done by a skilled auto locksmith who understands the locks and how to decode the lock.

Reconnect The Power La Xara

In some autos like Land Rovers and Range Rovers the key will not work if the battery is flat. If this happens, then the only way to open the car is by putting a rod down the door and opening the bonnet. Once open you can connect a battery pack to the vehicle and use the key to open the door or then pick open the lock.

We are experts when it comes to auto unlocking. No matter what auto you drive we can pick the locks and open the car for you. In most cases we can offer a same day solution, and occasionally we can offer a 24 hour auto opening solution.